Step by step to perfection

Based on our own experience, we have created a series of seminars that will guide you in logical, successive steps to the safe, professional handling of your plasma pen and get to know and apply the almost unlimited possibilities of the cosmetic plasma technology.

We accompany you every step of the way, offer assistance with questions and problems at all times and provide intensive support in WhatsApp-groups and online consultation after the seminars.
In addition, we help you to inspire existing and new customers for the fantastic possibilities of plasma technology. For example, you learn how to take perfect before-and-after pictures, how to organize an information event, and how to use advertising material provided by us to make this innovative treatment method available in your studio.

Quality is the top priority

We are often asked why the basic training takes two days with us - and only the eyelid tightening is learned. Well, we want you to be able to offer your customers the highest quality after training with us. For this, it is important that you understand 100% how the skin works during a plasma treatment, that you know your device, and that you get a feel for this working method. A thorough education is the key to perfection.

Start your way in the Plasma Academy now - we look forward to seeing you!

Level A   2-day BASIC Training

To buy your planoplas® plasma pen (which you can also lease from us), the 2-day basic training is automatically included.
In this basic education, you will learn everything you need to know about your plasma pen and plasma cosmetic technology. The approximately 6-hour theory will follow various practical exercises as well as the work on two to three own models.
Initially, this is all about eyelid lifting, so that you can safely and confidently start with the most sought-after application of plasma technology.

You should definitely work on your own models so that you can accompany the entire healing process after the treatment.

Level B   Advanced Training

If you've done several eyelid-ups and are as excited about this technology as we are, it's time for a post-graduate seminar at the Plasma Academy. Here you will get to know your plasma pen even better and train the versatility of this great treatment method.

Now that you've gained some experience in the upper eyelid lifting, we'll show you how to use your plasma pen to treat other areas, e.g. Lower eyelid, upper lip, crow's feet, chin, cheeks and ears or even large, demanding areas such as neck, navel, fibroma, age spots and scars.
After the theory, various practical exercises are carried out and you then work on your own models.

By the way, you can also book our advanced seminars at the Plasma Academy, if you have completed the basic training with a competitor and with another plasma pen.

• for graduates of planoplas® Level A with planoplas® plasma pen
• for graduates of a basic training of competitors with another plasma pen

Individual Training

You want your Plasma Academy trainer to be all to yourself, to ask anything that is not yet clear to you, to have an experienced professional look over your shoulder while working and get personal tips and tricks? That is also possible!

Advanced training can be booked as individual training. Your trainer will be available exclusively for a full day - either in your studio or in the trainer's studio. You work on five or more models that you have organized at the desired areas and are accompanied intensively. That's how you gain security and professionalism.

Practical Training

You fully understand the theory - but with practice, you still feel a little uncertain? Maybe you lack the exercise or just the finishing touch? Then come with your models to the Plasma Academy. Even if you had the basic training with a competitor and work with another plasma pen.

You will undergo several treatments and your trainer will look over your shoulder, answer all the questions and provide suitable tips for the respective treatment situation. Only practical work is done on this day. You decide for yourself how many models you treat at which areas. You can book half a day or a whole day.


Level A   2-day BASIC training

• 01. + 02.06.18 - Trondheim (Norway)

• 22. + 23.06.18 - Hamburg

• 10. + 11.09.18 - Antwerp (Belgium)

• 18. + 19.09.18 - Pori (Finland)

Level B   Advanced Training

• 15.06.18 - Frankfurt

• 20.09.18 - Pori (Finland)

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