planoplas® Pen

The development of our own planoplas® plasma pen was the result of many years of experience in hundreds of treatments with the most diverse requirements for our "tools of the trade".

It should…

  1. have little weight: with 69g and 14,5cm – THE smallest and lightest plasma pen - MADE IN GERMANY
  2. have a a firm hold: Ergonomic handle, well balanced
  3. work reliably: through the quality tests and new measuring technology (adapted from other industries such as the automotive industry) as well as continuous load tests in practice and laboratory
  4. not only meet the security requirements but ensure more security than is necessary: CE Declaration of Conformity
  5. be made in Germany: In the interests of safety for our customers and quality assurance, it was important to us to be able to influence production at all times. That's why we have our planoplas® plasma pen manufactured in Karlsruhe and in various cities in the Ruhr area.
  6. undergo quality assurance: before a pen is delivered, it has to pass our 3-stage quality test.
  7. offer warranty: we offer a 1-year limited warranty on our planoplas® plasma pen

Important note: Our planoplas® plasma pen will only be delivered with training - without training this pen can not be purchased