About us

In 2003 Markus Müller and his wife Claudia Müller-Szpak had the idea to offer beauty and aesthetics treatments. Often the problem is that a simple cosmetic treatment is no longer sufficient and a surgical procedure is not desired. Therefore, they specialized in medically aesthetic treatments WITHOUT surgery.

In 2014, Markus Müller got to know the plasma method. Since then he has been on fire for the treatment and has already carried out more than 800 treatments (as of October 2017). After 2 years of treatment and intensive getting to know and working out the treatment Markus Müller decided to pass on his passion for plasma to others. He began to develop his own plasma pen, which is 100% MADE IN GERMANY and developed according to his own claim and experience. Likewise, his training concept builds on the knowledge since 2014 and the many treatments performed. It is important to him to equip every planoplas® user with the best of his knowledge.

The Plasma Treatment

Excessive skin on the upper and lower eyelids, face, neck, etc., can be tightened by the plasma treatment.

The generated plasma flash gently tones the skin without open wounds or sutures. Long downtimes, such as surgical eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or face and body lifting are eliminated. Also, younger people who would be rejected at the plastic surgeon's presentation, or patients with health problems that would have been too risky in surgical intervention, may be treated with this treatment, e.g. Correct asymmetries or budding and existing loopholes with little risk.

In a plasma treatment, there is no damage to the skin but only a superficial, thermal skin reaction. With proper handling, no scars are created and the tightening is long-lasting. The skin is stimulated for a quick healing. This creates the so-called "shrinking" effect. By influencing the fibroblasts, also called collagen cells, the healing is accelerated. An over-tightening is not possible.

The treatment is virtually painless and the desired treatment result can be seen for a moment immediately after the treatment. Shortly thereafter, however, there is still a swelling of the treated area and a scab. This lasts for a few days.

In the days following the treatment, the area should be maintained with special AfterCare products until the resulting scab has fallen off.

Usually, depending on the region and skin condition, 1-4 treatments are needed.